Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boxing Training

The Ringside Boxing Gym located in the Les Mills carpark building was renovated in May 2006, and various boxing classes were introduced.

The techniques used for boxing training are powerful... with the resistence of the heavybags, boxers need to sharpen up their techniques, thinking how each combination would be applied in real fighting in the ring.

Having heard the benefits of boxing traning and how it would challenge us both physically and mentally, I started to attend the "Ringside" classes at the boxing gym. After a few weeks, I started to noticed the differences... the biggest being that my punches are now more powerful and faster! Sometimes I need to slow it down when throwing air punches in order to fit the beats, and I love both BC and Ringside :)

The boxing classes at Ringside Boxing are mostly instructed by Amin Afzaly.

Amin is an awesome instructor / fighter. He holds titles including:

  • 2002 Golden Gloves
  • 2003 NZ Welter Weight Silver Medalist
  • 2005 Tasman Cup

Next time when you visit Auckland, I'd recommend you to try one of the Ringside Classes :) Are you up for the challenge?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Old old forum...

this forum was supposed to be closed, but I think somehow it was activated again?
you can see some old posts there..... BC19 and BJ29 spoilers for example :D
good to take a trip down the memory lane :)

who else was there with me?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Les Mills Update 19/Nov/2006

  • Dan & Rach will be away for 3 weeks as they are visiting Portugal and the Netherlands. They are super busy!
  • Ruth T came back, did a couple of pump classes and also presneted the BodyPump master class. Maybe she'll take off again soon as she's currently living in Australia?
  • Gandalf joined D&R on stage for a Combat cooldown. Great form and wicked Ninja pose haha :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hot Tracks

Check these two out. They are smoking!!

Ciara - Promise

UNK - Walk It Out

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freaky Fish

Did someone ask for the Freaky Fish? hahahaha Tom this post is for you :D

After the penguins and sting ray sections, there was an exhibition room with all sorts of deep sea creatures...

Deep Sea Squid... hmmm seems more "curly" than normal squids. Are they yum?

This one is called "Prickly Deepsea Anglerfish... the female are bigger than the male. The mouth is armed with "large backward curved teeth" so they can hold the prey tight once they've been caught... I don't want to be bitten by this one :(

"Scaly Dragon Fish"... I think it should be "Scary" instead of Scaly...

"Antarctic Scale Worm"... can only be found in Antarctic... the description reads "Although they look quite benign, they are actually attack worms. They have a very strong pair of jaws. One snap, the rest is history.".

Am I the only one who thinks they don't look benign at all... they appear to be extremely dangerous and hazardous to me *_*

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Visiting Kelly Tarlton's

Last week we had a couple of extremely windy days with heavy rain... it's like a storm was hitting Auckland!

I visited "Kelly Talton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World" ( because the "Freaky Fish" exhibition was ending on 12 Nov 2006...

As soon as I entered the main area, I was greeted by this giant Sting Ray, trying to get out of its tank!


One of them agreed to let me take a picture of him :D

Give me a kiss, Snapper... you are making me hungary :P...

What a beautiful Dragon Fish....

To be continued... :D

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BodyCombat 31 filming

Karate Dougi... smoke machine.... 4 strong fighters on stage... BodyCombat 31 filming was held today!

If you don't know what a Dougi is, the pic on the left should give you an idea! just imagine it in black haha

Anyway BC31 is another AWESOME mix. Enjoyed all the trials and the filming... now I can't wait to do it again. Innovative and challenging new moves... best T3 and T4 ever!!! People please get excited and be ready for this brilliant mix :D

Joined Vaux and Jet on stage were Oscar from Spain and Ivan from Portugal via Brazil. They are both great. Oscar is a wonderful presenter with friendly / caring personality and awesome form & techniques! He's like a robot, executing each and single move to perfection... Spainish people, you should be proud of him!. You'll also see him participating BA in BA56 DVD - front row! :)

Oscar & Dan

Ivan & Oscar

(Thanks for the Japanese visitor "lm" for providing the photos above. )

Chris Richardson and Mark S were participating the filming with us, I really enjoyed the filming :D

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Les Mills Q4 2006 filmings (6/7 November 06)

Just a quick update on the filmings :)

the trials went down well, no major changes in the choreography and from what I've heard, people LOVE all the new releases... well done to the choreographers!

As usual, the filmings are getting so popular and we have visitors from Portugal, Spain and Japan etc... the gym is so busy during this time.

BodyJam 40 features Gandalf, Chris Richardson (his charisma really added flavor to this benchmank mix!) and Martteo from Portugal. This is gonna be a cool mix, a bit of all the dance styles we are familiar with, and we also get the chance to experience new ways of dancing! For one of the blocks, Ginny and Melanie joined the team on stage and it was like watching a broadway show haha. We also had a very special guest appearance during the intro... this is gonna be a big surprise for all of you... can't get the "wassup" chant out of my head haha. Oh by the way we have one cool recovery track... watch out for that one! :D

BodyAttack 56 is presented by (the lovely) Lisa, Fabio from Portugal and Will. This is a great mix, there's a different atmoshpere to every single track... from disco, dance floor to the volleyball match! I felt "free" by the end of the class. Lisa delivers excellent mixes consistently, and if you are as impressed as I am, please drop her a message and let her know she's doing an awesome job :)

We'll have BodyCombat 31 filming tomorrow... looking forward to it :)


Monday, November 06, 2006

Powerful Image of Araki Nobuyoshi

If you are a fan of photography, check out "Sentimental Trip, Winter Trip" by Japanese Photographer Araki Nobuyoshi..... I know his recent works were mainly pornography, but this man is truly talented

The above is an image from "Sentimental Trip, Winter Trip". Mr. Araki was holding his dying wife's hand. She passed away on the next day because of cancer. The words read:

When I held her hand
I could feel she was holding my hand as well
We stayed like this for a long time
3:15 pm in the afternoon,
a miracle happened
She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me