Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Les Mills BodyAttack 71 Filming

There's something special about Les Mills BodyAttack 71, as two people choreographed this release - Lisa and the baby inside her belly! :) Lisa if you are reading this, did you consult the baby regarding the song selection and chorrey? Why is BA71 so awesome, that I still can't get enough after trying it with you for 2 months?

Another hit from this round of filmings, BA71 features a strong team - Lisa, Fred (Canada), Fabio (Portugal), Grant and the lovely June! Also we have a special guest who was featured in a couple of tracks - Kendall from the US!

Ok something about BA71... the monatomic T1, alpha male T2, T3 with the attitude, sporty T4, T6 that will stay in your head, a soccer + disco feel T7, kicking hard T8 and a T9 full of fantasy..!

Me and Lisa - sorry had to tone down the combat guard.. hahaha

Hahaha see Lisa's face after I asked her to pose with combat guard! :)

Fred Kung from Canada - great person with smiles like sunshine! Thanks for comming all the way to NZ!

Team America - Kendall, Carrie and Curtis

The Best Combat Pose Award has got to go to Kendall - wow you are almost like a NINJA, Ms She-ra!! :)

It's a pity that I didn't have pix with Grant (busy flirting), Fabio (busy back stage action?!) and June (busy low-options)...

till next time!!!

Les Mills BodyPump 76 Filming

Les Mills BodyPump 76 is now in the can!! I was totally blown away by this release - I am starting to have doubts if Glen will be able to come up with anything awesome-er to top this release, but I won't underestimate his magic.. :) The stand out tracks for me were the squat, back, tricep, bicep and the shoulder track.

The catchy melody and strong beats of the squat makes the intense workout fun - didn't even notice my legs were sore as I was enjoying it so much.

Watch for the new combo in the back track.

I am sure everyone will be singing to this tricep track - it will remind you of your first time.. :)

For the bicep track, special shoutout to the lovely Emma Barry - watch how she teaches this track when you get to see this release, the queen of darkness will set you on fire! (by the way you look better without the make-up, oops!) Emma you are such an inspiration and a legend in the fitness industry. She's awesome both on and off stage... check out her Saturday regular BP class at 5:10pm @ Les Mills Auckland if you happen to be in town.

The shoulder track is my fav song of this release... it reminds me of all the good time I've had... no one can take the memories away from me and no matter how difficult life may be, I'll always have something to hold onto...

Loved this release from the beginning to the end... on top of that you'll see a strong team presenting this amazing release to you! Please look forward to the DVD - they'll also be showcasing a new line of Les Mills Clothing.

Sorry due to some personal issues I didn't take any pictures for this filming, but I'll steal a couple pix from my friend Amir - the first two were taken in one of the rehersal classes and the last one with Glen, Amir and Susan was taken at the end of the filming.