Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mysterious Team In Action

Guess who? All is so mysterious... :)

Special thanks to Monica from Mexico for taking the picture!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Les Mills 2008 Q3 Video Sizzlers

Les Mills BodyCombat 37

Les Mills BodyJam 46

Les Mills BodyAttack 62

Les Mills BodyPump 67

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BodyCombat 38 - There's No Turning Back

It's 5am in the morning, cold and wet Auckland... why am I still awake? Because I know there are combatters waiting impatiently, dying to know about Body Combat 38 filming... how can I let you down? :) Even though I am sitting here naked after the shower, I'll keep writing till I am freezed to death :)

As title, there's no turning back for BodyCombat. For Release 38, we get a mixed bag of low and medium complexity tracks... my favs are T4 and T6 (note: picks of hardcore me). But the intensity is up there. I believe, T4 & T6 will definitely be all time classics.

Combat Team: Dan, Rachael (a.k.a. Traffic Goddess, thanks for the blessings), Justin Sanchez from USA and the well known Captain "F" Hernan.

Demo of BC modified esciva

Do we need to re-take...

Hernan showing off the teeth haha :)

Mysterious man with two gorgeous ladies - Nicole and Asa (wow for the earings!!!).

The camera happy Nicole, probably the most innovative poser in the world :) Nice to meet my Taiwanese sister again!

looking good! :)

Les Mills BodyAttack 63 Filming

Body Attack is more than an aerobics class. In the hands of Lisa the Fitness Goddess, the class is transformed into a fun and practical training session. BodyAttack 63 focuses on agility, and it will bring out the "feel good' moves out of you!

Nice outfits and nice angles for Lisa's cowgirl legs :)

Guests from Japan, NZ and Australia

Cowboys wannabe?!?!?!... :)

Ohhh baby Jackson who never let people take his pix :)

The temple, paradise, neverland & sanctuary of Low Options :)

Les Mills BodyBalance 43 Filming

Took some photos but I am a newbie in Balance so am unable to go into details... beautiful music, beautiful team and aromatic candles... lovely atmosphere :)

"Tell you ladies a secret..."

"If you want to be as happy as I am, put your hands like this and suck up the energy in the universe... your hands are your antenna, got it?"

See how happy and relaxed we are now :)

Les Mills BodyPump 68 (4 August 2008)

Body Pump 68 is here, a release with explosive new moves and new combos! Be warned about the intensity of the squat and the chest tracks... set to give you the best butt and breasts! The continuous clean & press drives your heart rate through the roof. While you think you can put your bars aside in the tricep track, it doesn't give you the room for recovery... yeah, go hard with Les Mills BodyPump!

Can you imagine it's a 4:10 class... running out of space!

BodyPump Team... Glen stands out in the Land of Giants

Nice formations!

This guys looks familiar...

Emma the legendary lady working the men's favorite muscle group... with the bar... or with the outfit!? :-)