Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Les Mills BodyAttack 70 Filming

What a night! still feeling the buzz and still on Attack high few hours after BA70 filming! I wasn't feeling too well today and was about to give the filming a miss, but Lisa Osborne's smiles came into my head and her energy inspired me... remember Lisa kept attacking even few weeks prior to giving birth!... so as a male I can't find s better excuse to miss a great experience... :)

Turned out to be the right decision... energy went through the roof, everyone was smiling and Lisa showed her appreciation not only to the internationals but also the local members. I felt that we are there just because of our passion for the fitness... isn't this what fitness is about? Defnitely one of the best filming experiences during my time at LM Auckland.. :)

BA70 - Welcome to the fitness battlefield, filled with peace and love! This is another great workout that will guarantee the result. BA70 is full of fun and the class just ends too quickly, leaving you wanting more! Lots of great tunes that you can sing along to, creative combos (which was refined extensively during the weeks of trials) and most imporantly there are two tracks which allow you to throw in some BodyCombat options!!! watch out attackers, we are comming after you.. guards up and drive those knees! (kidding :))

Btw I think I saw Tina Osborne... or was I dreaming?! :)

If you haven't become a fan of Lisa, please join her Facebook Fan Page!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Les Mills BodyCombat 45 Filming

Another great release delivered by the beloved Dan & Rach - BC45 focuses on the kicks and the footworks; for example if you don't already know when executing the frontkicks, you got to kick with the ball of the foot, this release is likely to put you in the right direction. If you don't know how to balance your bodyweight when kicking and how to control your kicks, you might also learn in this release!

Special shoutout to presenter Shaz from Australia, she adapted well and marked great improvement since her arrival. Great job Shaz!

This time for the BC filming only, the "first timers" (and those who pretended to be) got the priority to choose where they want to stand, so the front row was quickly filled up with the "new faces". A tip for the new filming participants - if you want to stand in the front row, you might want to come a week earlier to get a flavor of the new release and familiarise yourself with the choreography (especially for programs like BC that features dynamic movements), so at least you know which direction we are moving towards to in certain tracks.

The reason I bring this up is for example if the front row doesn't shuffle forward when the people behind them are doing so, there will be "safety issues" - I got squashed when the guy standing in front of me didn't want to shuffle forward and person behind then bumped into me. Also by having more practices you'll learn the right techniques... i.e. when executing a certain kick, you don't move backwards... my toe was destroyed today when someone stepped on my foot.

Remember that safety shall never be compromised no matter what rules you want to apply. Filmings are not for showing off yourself... the spot light will always be on the presenters... it will be great if you can learn something from this experience...

Finally a disclaimer that the pictures are not taken during the filmings. Also please do not copy and circulate these images.

Les Mills BodyBalance 50 Filming

Les Mills BodyBalance 50 is a celebration release featuring 10 awesome presenters with lovely costume. You can't go wrong with the "sweet & amazing" Kylie Gates and Emma Barry... their smiles just brighten my cloudy days...

P.S sorry there will not be an update for BodyPump 75 as my camera man didn't manage to take any pictures after the filming finished.. Sheldon and Margo were awesome, Glen is the man who came up with the best lunge track ever..!