Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BC30 class with Dan

After the haircut, I felt lazy and was tempted to skip the gym... it's the typical "post filming syndrome", as the trials and filmings are so exciting and it's always difficult to get back into the old stuff again

Anyhow I still went to LM WoF and SURPRISE!!! Dan was doing a solo BC class. This is gonna be the last class Dan teaches before comming back from the "world tour" in October... They'll be heading off to Brazil tomorrow.

This got to be the longest time ever we lose them... I always feel less motivated when they are not around. It's hard to survive without my D&R BC fix hahaha. But guess we'll have to share them with the passionate combatters around the world.

I am sure Brazil, Scotland, Sweden etc will treat them well and make sure they are welcomed :) Feed Rach a lot of food and don't let her get any skinnier haha. Just hope they won't forget to come home? :(

Anyway we did BC30 with Dan tonight! Wow I just can't find the words to complement this benchmark mix. We trialed more than usual and D&R spent lots of time & efforts to refine and polish the choreography. It's now well paid off - you can all expect a challenging, breath taking and magical release!!

This mix has a real combat feel to it. For most of the tracks (especially track 4 and 6) I can imagine having opponents and seeing how my moves would have an affect on them. BC has evolved!!! it's not just a fitness class where you throw air punches and sweat - it's a cool and serious martial art oriented workout which enables you to improve your fitness and endurance level! If you are serious about having a life changing experience, BC is exactly what you need :D

D&R's creativity bloomed again in BC30 - as an intro for track 6, we have a partnerwork demo on the block combo. I've been hearing feedback that this intro helps the participants to get a grasp on what is going on, so the blocks are no longer just some armlines :D

I hope Dan and Rach could run a boxing gym in NZ... I'd really love to train with them and get the techs right :)


Today I had my hair cut!!! :) I wanted to grow my hair until the "war" is over, but it was getting a bit messy. So that's bye bye to my ponytail... feel insecured with my short hair but hopefully I'll get used to it!

Monday, August 14, 2006

First Post!!!

Hiya... finally you've got what you've been waiting for! PJ's own blog hahaha....

Anyway just a brief summary of what happened in the past week. It was a busy week as most of the classes were rehersals for the filmings... I could never get enough of those "preview" classes so I had:

Monday: BJ,BA,BP
Tuesday: BC,BP,BJ
Wednesday: BC,BJ and a gym session
Thursday: BJ,BA,BC

and after the classes on Thursday, I felt a little pain in my feet and on Friday, whoa! the pain has turned into a mega pain! I couldn't even stand still! I challenged myself with an evening BJ class and managed to finish it, but after that the stairs at Les Mills World of Fitness was the longest walk I've ever taken...

I mentioned this to my Danish "ven" Leon Hansen and he said it was a stress fracture caused by over-exercising! Leon kindly recommended the "RICE" Treatment*

And it worked!! big thanks to Leon the man, so I could have participated the BC30 and BJ39 filmings. :)

The classes were packed with overseas visitors and the front section is like United Nation haha... I couldn't execute the kicks properly so this is an excuse for my poor tech in BC30 :) but it was great fun seeing people competing for the best spots...

it is amazing how pakced the filming sessions are these days. In the old days like early 2000's, people could easily have taken any position they like. It's great seeing the LM programs getting so popular - guess all hard work by the busy (and "homeless" maybe? you guys are so busy travelling haha) people such as Rach, Dan, Kylie, Gandalf, Chris and Lisa etc have paid off, the world is feeling the love and passion you've been spreading! Keep it up guys, big applause from PJ :D

it's getting late, till next time :)

*RICE treatement

Rest:The first 24-48 hours after the injury is considered a critical treatment period and activities need to be curtailed. Gradually use the injured extremity as much as tolerated, by try to avoid any activities that cause pain. Often using a splint, sling, or crutches is necessary to adequately rest the injured body part.

Ice:For the first 48 hours post-injury, ice the sprain or strain 20 minutes at a time every 3-4 hours. The ice pack can be a bag of frozen vegetables (peas or corn), allowing you to be able to re-use the bag. Another popular treatment method is to fill paper cups with water then freeze the cup. Use the frozen cube like an ice cream cone, peeling away paper as the ice melts. Do NOT ice a sprain or strain for more than 20 minutes at a time!! You will not be helping heal the injury any faster, and you can cause damage to the tissues!

Compression:Use compression when elevating a sprain or strain in early treatment. Using an Ace bandage, wrap the area overlapping the elastic wrap by one-half of the width of the wrap. The wrap should be snug, but not cutting off circulation to the extremity. So, if your fingers or toes become cold, blue, or tingle, re-wrap!

Elevate:Keep your sprain or strain as best possible--try to get it higher than your heart if possible. Elevate at night by placing pillows under your arm or leg.