Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Spirit of Taiwan

5.45 million of Taiwanese people lived a dream.

We believed that everyone living in Formosa shares the same love for our land. We also believed every single person would cherish the democracy and freedom earned by shedding tears and blood.

However, we were proven wrong. Some other people living in Taiwan do not appreciate our country; they also let the greed took over their mind, and forgot that things such as economy should never be established on the expenses of basic human rights and dignity. After the Taiwanese Presidential Election on 22 March 2008, the power was returned to a foreign political party which controlled Taiwan for over five decades by means of violence, despotism and autarchy.

The whole world ignores the existence of our small & precious island. Even United Nation shuts its door to Taiwan. We are not allowed to make any mistakes, but severe damage is done because the nation is handed back into the hands of the Chinese intruders who carried out the 228 Holocaust against Taiwanese people in 1947.

I hope this will not the end of our country and another chance will be given to Taiwan. Although the road would be rocky, we will walk against the wind, and swim upstream if we have to - because it's the fighting spirit of the Taiwanese people.