Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Les Mills BodyCombat 41 Video Sizzler

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Les Mills BodyBalance 47 Filming

Balance was the last session of the day and I totally enjoyed all the filmings today...!! The new BB release was great with the music selection and the motivating cues from the presenters...

The ladies look very happy but I am not sure what they are up to..?

I really love seeing Kylie Gates around, there's something special about her! Everyone can be smiley and friendly but Kylie is such a genuine and organic person... you can tell that she smiles from her heart. One of the nicest people you could ever meet...!

BodyJam 51 Filming

Sorry guys didn't get any good shot of the team... but got some pix of Gandalf of Geronimo! Look how cute he is!

Les Mills BodyStep 78 Filming

There's something special about this step filming. Vanessa Labort was the star of this release, you'll definitely fall in love with her smiles and lovely personality! She nailed the 3 tracks that she presented in a row... Hope to see you here again very soon, Vanessa :)

Lisa and Vanessa - love Lisa's facial expression, so cheeky! :)

with the multi-talented Sarah!