Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Les Mills BodyCombat 43 Filming

Ying and Yang, bad and good, pirates and samurai and boys and girls.... it's time for another new BC release! BC43 emphasises the contrast between the properties and the moves, and you'll find these in the tracks - such as combinations of power and speed moves (lots to be seen in T3 and T8), katas and explosive combos (i.e T2 and T6), snapping / grapping moves as well as travelling sequences (T4 & T7). You'll be needing more oxygen after a BC43 class!

Dan, Rach, Hernan, Oscar, Judy and Marcus were in the spot light this time and they did an amazing job. Good to have Oscar the combat machine back in Auckland, and the lovely Judy showed us how a true fighter could be found in a beautiful girl like her! Hernan you are the Capitan Concha and good to see you on stage again, you work so hard and you deserve everything you have!

Me and my two dear friends, Oscar the carrot man and Cap C!

Been a while since I had pic with Rach!

Judy - who is beautiful both inside and out! It was our pleasure to have you here :)

Team German!

Oscar with his two carrots - look how happy he is!! :D
Carrots as swords :)
Oscar, Sara, me and two carrots :)

Oscar still had his two carrots while on stage!

BC43 team photos!

Les Mills BodyAttack 68 Filming

BA68 is amazing and I'll say that again and again... where does Lisa get all the ideas about music and choreography??? Lisa you are an inspiration for everyone... since you arrived in NZ, everytime I am in your class I can be myself and enjoy every moment with you... isn't it what the fitness class is about?! You are my No. 1 :)

Instructors all over the world, get ready to practice a few moves... such as "evacuate", "killing me", "birthday cake", "freedom arms", and "keep fighting" jabs and uppers! :) such a pity we didn't get to much of these in the filmings, but I am sure your members will love it if you do! The rugby themed agility track is packed with fun and will take your fitness to the next level. Special shoutout to Brent from USA, awesome job, you rocked!

My apologies to the attackers - I couldn't get more pictures because the team had to re-take parts of track 2 at the end of the filming and they got off stage quickly after that....