Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The other side of the window

This is a photoshot from the hotel room I stayed at in Singapore. I was waiting to step into the world on the other side of the window after the lawsuit was over.

However at this moment, I am still being left here; the darkness erodes and the rotten air penetrates through my skin... But nothing matters anymore. Because I know when I close my eyes, I can see the ideal world that we all imagined it to be. It's a world that values such as trust and justice wouldn't be dispensed. People would advocate the truth and the good, but not lies and the evil. We would always face the truth, and would never turn away from it.

Life is what I lost, and life is what I will never get back. I know it's crazy not to be crazy after going through the 5 years torture, but there's a reason why I am still standing here. I need to make the best use of what's left in me to warn the world, so no more victims will have to go through what happened to me.

As time goes by, I am getting closer to the goal.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Les Mills BodyCombat 41 Filming

Dan and Rach did it again, Les Mills is delivering another awesome BodyCombat release - BC 41 is here! This time we are taking the fight to the backyard - get excited and start thinking of your launch ideas! With the heavy sounds and some all time favorite moves, you'll be unleashing the power, battling the stress and taking your fitness to another level. This is a great start of another 10 years!

With the pictures from the filming, I hope the crew's passion and love for fitness gets through to you - my friends, keep spreading your love and keep making more life changing experiences.

P.S. Given the GFX, the filmings were schedueld in the morning which crashes with my personal schedule... therefore I only made it to the BC filming... it's a pity that I didn't get to participate the filmings for other programs but I love the new BA, BP and BJ release. Thumbs up to Lisa, Glen and Gandalf!