Thursday, July 31, 2008

BodyJam 47 Filming

BodyJam ain't sex but will certainly get some people high... :) Jammers just couldn't wait for this big day, they had their best outfit ready... with the matching makeup on most of the ladies...

It's Dance4Life time again - when the fitness magic meets charity it breaks all boundaries and brings new meanings to the class.

Awesome job by the team - Gandalf who never fails with cracking jokes came up with another great release... Carla's smiles lightened up the stage, Ginny looked gorgeous (as usual!), the Swedish guest nailed a hard-to-cue block and Rachael won the best of the best :)

BodyStep 73 Filming

Christmas is comming! :) The outfit comes timely as it's cold in NZ right now... I couldn't make it to the filming but managed to take a pic for my stepper friends!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Les Mills July / August 2008 Filmings Schedule

Also apologies to all my blog readers. Life hasn't been too kind, lots of issues going on...