Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Spirit of Taiwan

5.45 million of Taiwanese people lived a dream.

We believed that everyone living in Formosa shares the same love for our land. We also believed every single person would cherish the democracy and freedom earned by shedding tears and blood.

However, we were proven wrong. Some other people living in Taiwan do not appreciate our country; they also let the greed took over their mind, and forgot that things such as economy should never be established on the expenses of basic human rights and dignity. After the Taiwanese Presidential Election on 22 March 2008, the power was returned to a foreign political party which controlled Taiwan for over five decades by means of violence, despotism and autarchy.

The whole world ignores the existence of our small & precious island. Even United Nation shuts its door to Taiwan. We are not allowed to make any mistakes, but severe damage is done because the nation is handed back into the hands of the Chinese intruders who carried out the 228 Holocaust against Taiwanese people in 1947.

I hope this will not the end of our country and another chance will be given to Taiwan. Although the road would be rocky, we will walk against the wind, and swim upstream if we have to - because it's the fighting spirit of the Taiwanese people.



Anonymous Maggie said...


Thank you for your comment in my blog.

I was wondering who you are at first and after I checked your blog I found that there are some interesting links between us, like Les Mills, BTS, Nicole...^^

你應該是從妮可老師那裡連過來我家的吧哈哈 那你應該也是LM 的國外老師?而我是亞力山大的會員,喜歡BTS系列課程~




9:43 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

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10:19 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Hiya PJ,

This is Maria from Taiwan. I strongly felt something for your words so decided not to keep silent.

I love this land dearly, much more than I've imagined. I went & voted for what I wished (whom I don't even reveal to my parents), and well, I guess people are just frustrated with the continuous kin-tearing act of Chen... & his inability to "feed his men".

I'm not against or for any political party. I only believe in the ultimate love & benefits of Taiwan people. When I close my eyes for what'd be better for people, I made a choice & voted.

Here on this land we have 23 million voices, each unique & precious. Matthew Lien loves Taiwan with the very same reason: we're so small on world map but contains such beautiful & bounty variety. Our people are SO strong in the world and yet we lack a big voice in UN...

Such contradiction, such vivacity. It's Taiwan. & I love it dearly.

No big comments, just think that I should voice something on your article, which inspires me somehow.

Maria from Taiwan

PS. I re-posted this comment 'cuz there was some typo. :p

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Alexandra said...


You will not lose your homeland. Stay Strong.


12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PJ - just wish there was something we could do to help your homeland, just know my thoughts are with you my dear friend.


10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there are more and more people starting to recognize Taiwan as a country. Most New Zealander can tell the difference between Taiwanese and Chinese. Which is a huge improvement and I think all your friends worldwide knew as well.
I believe in Taiwan and its people. Most of them are strong and determined like you PJ they never give up easily!!!

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey pj remember...Never Surrender bro!

- rich

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



2:19 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Dear PJ,

Thanks for your reply on my blog. SO WARM to see a fella TW-ese there in NZ (am I right?) still embracing our lovely Formosa.

Actually I've been to NZ for ... like 5 times. Every time I went to Auckland as a study tour guide. But 'twas some time ago b4 I got my full-time job now.

To be honest, I love TW VERY MUCH, but I also view myself as a Hobbit since every time I went to NZ, I fell in love wit' it again... such beautiful country & warmth that made me felt like home...

Well 'tis glad 2 to know that u'r from Ping-tung, where my dad comes from. I'm half Hakka & half Ming-nan. So I speak Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, & English (as my major is Foreign Literature). There's probably some Dutch blood from my mom's side since some of my aunts have red hair, but nobody knows for sure.

The reason why I mention 'bout the variety of blood is 'cuz the beauty of TW lies in the variety it has to offer to the world. We're such a small island, and yet we contain vivacity that's SO strong. I even remembered one time when I lived in a Maori homestay, the father pushed to to watch a TV program, researching TW aborigines might be the ancestors of Austronesians (incl. Maori).

See how rich TW has in store!


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Maggie said...

Hi PJ,

Yes it's my reply on your blog!^^"

It's perfect fine for you to leave your message here!

I have never been to Auckland! I Heard that Auckland is the HQ of LesMills and many instructors came to Auckland in Feb this year for global summit of LesMills, right? Oh~
I really hope someday I can visit Auckland~~

BTW, are you a photographer? I visited your blog and I found that you almost showed in every BTS training course and the venue where they took demo DVD films..It's so cool that you can took photos with the LM instructors~

B'z is my favorite Japanese artist, I've heard their songs since 1996. They had become the first asian rock 'n' roll band who entered the "Rock Walk" in LA last year! It's really honorable and being a fan of B'z I am so happy and pride!

This year is the 20th year since B'z debut so there're very special "LIVE-GYM"(the name of B'z live concert, I love it~) in Japan!

take care and you are very welcome to my blog^^


1:09 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hi Maggie, Maria, Alexandra, Romeo, anonymous, Rich, thank you again for all your kind words and support!

anonymous, being determined and is the way to go.. never give up and never surrender :)

10:36 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

親愛的Nicole, 謝謝妳讓我感受到妳的開心,妳多久沒有回去了呢?我已經六年沒回家了呢.有點度日如年的感覺.多享受美食還有多陪陪家人哦.保持聯絡!

10:40 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hey Maria! nice to hear from you again :) hope you are doing well! yes you are right about a Taiwanese in NZ.. I've been here for 14 years... such a long time..

what a coincidence, there are also some dutch blood in me as my father is from Tainan.. you know where the "Red Hair Castle" is hahaha... a special attribute of Taiwanese people is that we always forgive and embrace, despite of what the people who colonised Taiwan have done to us... the pain and suffering makes us strong.

so when are you planning to visit Auckland again? maybe I will get to see you here one day.. :) haha love your expression, maybe you were a Hobbit in the previous life!

stay strong and keep in touch


10:49 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

hey Maggie, thanks for your comment! yes you are right that Auckland is the home (or "mecca"??) of LM programs.. you should check it out someday! haha nah I am not a photographer.. I took some pictures of the events I participated so I can pass on the atmosphere to the blog readers :) are you going to Japan for the "LIVE-GYM"? Awesome name for a tour! :) take care and keep in touch


10:51 PM  

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