Thursday, March 05, 2009

Litigation against HSBC Private Bank Singapore

Dear blog readers, I'd like to apologise for the lack of update. Since the news had made it to the media, I'll share the extracts with you.

This week I took the witness stand at the Singapore High Court, and I believe the justice will prevail. This litigation caused me lots of pain in the past 4 years, but I fought it all the way through. I'd like to let you know that no matter what life throws at you, don't ever give up. Fight for the good and this is what I intend to keep on doing, no matter how long it will take.

Thanks for all your support. Special thanks to my friends in Singapore.

If you'd like to read the text, please click


HSBC Private Bank sued

A FAMILY of three from Taiwan is suing HSBC Private Bank for forcing them to close a foreign exchange trade on their US$24 million (S$37 million) investment account, which resulted in them suffering losses and being deprived of potential profits.

Mr Huang Po Jen, his mother Madam Chen Ling San, and his grandmother, Madam Chen Cheng Su Yun, are claiming about US$3 million in total.

The case opened in the High Court on Monday and is scheduled for 10 days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe a bank would do this to their customers. Hang in there PJ and keep on fighting. I have been to Singapore and I believe in its people and its legal system will help you get the justice you deserve :D please keep us updated

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Tim said...

What the hack, PJ you are going through a lot. Get those crooks!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Marshmallow said...

Holy crap, PJ! You must be exhausted with this going on, and you are a strong, strong man to fight the fight - and I admire you for that.

I hope that justice prevails, banks shouldn't be able to just do as they please with their customers.

Biggest hugs to you, my friend.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you still tell me wonderful things about Singapore and its people...
I would have hated them to pieces. It's like a Japanese TV drama. I can't believe It's actually happening to you.
I'm telling all my colleague at the travel agency.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Hey PJ, wishing you all the best in your challenge of HSBC.

That is just typical of a major corporation changing the terms of a deal unilaterally.


9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ, sorry to hear this is happening, hope the court find in your favour, keeping fighting and hopefully justice will prevail.

My thoughts are with you and your family


9:59 AM  
Anonymous Jerry said...


I believe you are doing the right thing!


2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ we have spoke about this for many years now and finally its happening. Remember im sending you the rocket mans vibes from the UK which will give you strength and keep you smiling especially when you remember my HSBC story :)
Stay strong and do not loose your cool,take deep breaths relax and put your mind somewhere peacefull,then let them know the truth:)!!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Liz Litsuko said...

Like you said before, we are both FIGHTERS!
Thank you for your kind support in my own affairs & strong words of encouragement ;>
Sending positive energy & super-powered determination your way...
*special kittypuss hug for you*

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh..
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don't you quit!
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
Don't give up though the pace seems slow--
You may succeed with another blow..
Success is failure turned inside out--
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far..
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit--
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit!!!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Helen said...

PJ you are my hero for taking on the bank. Thank you for acting to stop the bank from victimising more people.

hugs for you, xoxo


3:53 PM  
Anonymous nidi and mauro said...

hi my dear friend

mauricio and i have just read this.... you know what we think.. you have all our support from chile....
hang in there
and keep on fighting!! you're a warrior!!!


4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ,

At last you'll have your day in court. It's been coming for a long long time now.
You hang in there my friend, stay strong and don't let them drag you down.
Thinking of you always,

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

PJ, I can't believe this is happening to you. The big organisation should have the balls to take the responsibility, but they chose to wash their dirty linen in the public's eyes. Shame on tham and good luck to you, you will definitely win!

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, PJ.
I was shocked to know such things happened to you.
Behind your warm and heartful smile, you've fought for 4 years with a big power. You're strong!
I wish justice will prevail and
you can get the peace of mind.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Kenny said...

Hi PJ, I've been reading your blog for a long time and decided to post a comment today. I must say you really inspired me with your fight. The world would be wrong if you don't get the justice. Everyone's on your side! Kenny

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Jaon said...

PJ you are the strongest person I've known. I've always admired your honesty and intelligence ,but most of all your humble warm heart. You're the only guy I know who can handle all this pressure while continuing to cheer and inspire others through rough times...
I will always be your loyal friend and follow your steps...
no matter what the outcome is.


5:47 AM  
Anonymous Nicole S said...




8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PreCue - mate this sucks....and so does teaching without you in class..

I emailed you weeks ago - and never heard back. I just realised its an nz acc. DOH!!

email me when you get a moment - so we catch up...we have so much to catch up on..

Mrs C

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was just looking back and realised this was why we first met here in Singapore in June '07 :) As told you the other day, I've never known any one stronger than you. Keep staying strong and never loose your charm :)

Much love and big hugs for you.


6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh PJ...............

Now i know where your head was when i was in NZ in April 07 :(

Best of luck with all this!

Big hugs from Bonny Scotland my friend.

Donna xxx

12:57 PM  
Blogger Waitney J said...

Big P.. ma pre man , David and Goliath and Goliath being so big , powerful, David with his faith of what is right , little swing shot in Davids hands , he looked into Goliaths the giant eyes and true intention of whats is right and justice , let that stone find its true mark . Goliath felled by one so small . We will survive . Kia Kaha .. E te Matua ..!!

Spudman .

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ! wow... sorry to hear this! It shouldn't be happening to a person like you. But on the other hand we all know you're a fighter and will get trough!

keep ya head up and fight for your rights!

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Tim said...

You are a true hero fighting through something like this against all the big players. I true hope justice is on your side :)

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Dagmar said...

Gee, PJ didn't know this was going on, accidently saw this. I get most of it, don't understand everything exactly, my english in law suits isn't that great.. but at least I can confirm that in life, giving up is out of the question. Respect for you! Keep going.. and going and going, lots of strength.. big hug

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Rozanne said...

Hi PJ,

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I finally saw you in my gym today. (: but I didnt dare to say hi to you, I'm too shy. Anyway, I hope all's well for you!

2:47 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thank you so much for everyone's kind words and encouragements... much appreciated... finally back in Auckland, apologies for the delay of reply to all of you... sending you greetings!

11:42 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Anonymous, thanks for your message.. I am no longer sure if I can count on justice or not. Does it even exist in the world?...

11:44 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Tim, I did my best but not sure if it succeeded....

11:45 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Marshy, thanks for your kind words and same goes to you, wish you the best luck with your fight... keep in touch

11:47 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hi Anonymous, anything can happen... just wrong place at wrong time I guess...

11:48 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hi Adam, thanks for your message, hope people will see it this way as well...

11:49 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Linda, I am no longer sure what to expect in life but I did the right thing...

11:49 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Jerry, thanks my friend, I think likewise...

11:50 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Stuart my rocket friend, thanks for your message, but it seems telling the truth isn't enough.. but I have nothing but the truth...

11:51 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Litsuko, thanks for the inspiring poem and your constant support, wishing you all the best and let's keep fighting.. :)

11:53 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Nidi and Mauro, thanks to my Chilean friends and special thanks to the both of you for your friendship

11:54 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Helen, I hope things will go that way... thanks and regards!

11:54 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Pam, did my best and hope it's enough... sending greetings your way!

11:56 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Hannah, thanks for your support, much appreciated... hope the truth will see its light

11:56 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Mai, thanks for your kind words, hopefully justice and peace still exist in the world... hugs for you

11:58 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Keeny, thanks for your support... and thanks for being on my side!

11:59 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Jason, I am not sure if honesty itself can help me survive in this cruel world... appreciate for you constant support

12:03 AM  
Blogger PJ said...


12:05 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Mrs. C... now back in NZ and hopefully to catch up with you soon... thanks for your constant support!

12:06 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Michiko, whether being strong is an advantage or disadvantage.. I can no longer sure...

12:08 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Miko, 応援してくれてありがとう!

12:09 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Donna, I've never been myself in the past 4 years... hope we'll catch up again when I am back in one piece, hope you are well, sending greetings to Scotland..

12:10 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Thanks Waitney, the David and Goliath story is inspiring... thanks for all the enlightenments you gave me!

12:11 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Anonymous, thanks for your support.. did my best but is in a unfair state of affair... hope all is well on your side!

12:12 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Tim, thanks for your kind words, I hope there's still justice in this world... sending you hugs and greetings

12:13 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Dagmar, thanks for your message, fighting unfairness and injusitce isn't easy but I tried my best, thanks for your friendship!

12:14 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Rozanne, thanks for leaving me a message, was a pity not to put a face to your name but hope our paths will cross again!

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Regina said...

所以呢? 現在的狀況?

4:51 PM  
Blogger Regina said...

PJ, my friend!!!I hope all the justice´s things find in your favour and as you said never give up and keep on fighting and Im sure that the good people and justice will prevail.

All my support to you and my love!! Hugs and kisses!!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:12 AM  
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